Chicago Reader

"The more we can centralize pleasure and intimacy as a life-affirming act of resistance, the more poignant and steadfast our communities become." 


Time Out Chicago

"The producers of Slo 'Mo and Feminist As Fuck jewelry present Shop Sensual. The weekend-long event features erotic workshops and Slow Jams Yoga." 


"The point is to celebrate all things femme, pleasurable and sensual..." 


"Shop Sensual transcends the pornified, hyper-sexualized status-quo by providing products and pieces for a more pleasurable future for all people."

Chicago Magazine

"More than a mere holiday pop-up, Shop Sensual brings together local vendors, artists, and performers for a night of pleasure-centric shopping and two days of inclusive workshops."

VAM- Pleasure As Resitance

Creating such an intentional space was deeply impactful for the artists and makers involved with the “Shop Sensual Pop-Up,” an event designed to turn capitalism on it’s head by prioritizing and financially supporting queer and femme makers and artists.